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myON reader Goes Mobile

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Now, with the myON app, students can download up to 20 books for an offline reading experience

Where Will You Take Your Reading?

The myON literacy solution combines personalized reading, breathtaking content, and scientifically-based assessments to leverage technololgy for the multiple delivery methods. With myON mobile, students can take their reading to new levels. 

myON allows students to choose what books they like to read anytime, anywhere from the largest collection of thousands of enhanced digital books. Research states that literacy is a key component of student achievement. From reading on any device to reinforcing educational content, myON mobile allows truly infinite reading access with proven educational benchmarking. 

iPad, Android Tablets, Kindle Fire HD, Chromebooks and Other Mobile Devices

Now the iPad, Android tablets, Kindle Fire HD, Chromebook and other mobile devices * can leverage the entire myON program, allowing students to read wherever they are. With the myON app, students don’t even need Internet access; they can download up to 20 books for an offline reading experience, leading to unlimited opportunities for reading growth. 

New schools using myON!

  • Komensky School, IL
  • Cameron Middle School, TN
  • Baker Elementary School in Jackson, MS
  • Hillsborough County Public Schools, FL
  • Camelot Elementary School, FL